If you love motorcycle camping the Mini Mate is for you! Light and easy to tow, sets up in just a few minutes, and easily has plenty of room for one (and I'm sure lots of room for 2 and all the things you need to camp. Pulls really easy (Vulcan Vaquero) and stops really easy too. I'm 6'2" and I had plenty of room to stretch out while sleeping and also in the little "dressing area" inside the door. I think the awning is a must and it is also plenty tall. Overall this camper is one of the greatest, best things I've ever bought! I highly recommend it!

Bobb G
La Porte, TX

My camping trailer was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Uncrating was simple and assembly was easy. The video provided online was most helpful. No parts, nuts or bolts were missing. I am extremely happy with the entire order/delivery process and quality of the camper. Its' hard to describe just how easy this thing tows. Suspension is great. Does not bounce. I keep checking my mirrors just to make sure it is still connected to my bike. Its a perfect match for my Goldwing.

Richard J
West Columbia, SC

I bought my mini mate this spring. Picked it up on a Friday morning and headed home. I took the skyline drive (105) miles, and the entire blue ridge parkway (469) miles. My total trip was (1965) miles. The camper was great, it rained four of the six nights I camped but not one leak. I love my camper!

Kenneth S
Salisbury, NC
I pull my Mini Mate behind my Subaru Forester and it tows beautifully. I purchased the awning & extra room and am so glad that I did. I divided the extra room with a curtain behind which I place my porta-potty and clean up station. This still leaves a little room by the door to place a chair and small folding table. I fire up my Heater Buddy propane heater inside this room which provides a toasty place to dress and/or read.
Sue V
Reno, NV